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Florian Löwen

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My mission

With a strong background in app development, I noticed that many companion apps designed to connect smart meters with mobile devices don't meet today's user expectations.

I leverage current technologies to eliminate common pain points both for manufacturers and app users.

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My services

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Specializing in the development of robust, high-quality mobile applications. Utilizing the latest in mobile and multiplatform development.


Guidance on technology selection to enhance your mobile presence, complemented by strategic approaches for UI/UX design and performance optimization to keep you at the market forefront.

Project Management

Project management for mobile development initiatives, focusing on efficient timelines, budget adherence, and quality outcomes.

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Skills & Experience

Discover the competencies and experiences that empower me to innovate and excel in mobile development.

Cross-Platform Solutions

Proficient in developing cross-platform applications using Kotlin Multiplatform, ensuring seamless experiences across Android, iOS, and desktop.

Native Mobile Development

Expertise in Android operating system with full proficiency and substantial experience with Kotlin and Java.

App Architecture

Skilled in implementing clean, maintainable app architectures using patterns like MVI, MVVM, and Clean Architecture principles.

DevOps & Version Control

Competent in DevOps practices with a strong grasp of Git, GitLab, GitHub, and Docker, facilitating efficient CI/CD pipelines.

Database Management

Well-versed in managing data with SQL, ensuring data integrity and performance in mobile applications.

UI/UX Design

Experienced in using Jetpack Compose and XML for designing intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.

User Feedback Analysis

Skilled in analyzing user metrics, utilizing platforms such as Firebase and Google Play Console to boost user satisfaction.

Continuous Learning

Dedicated to staying updated with the latest technologies and trends in mobile development, including Coroutines, Jetpack Compose, and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Community Contribution

Active contributor to open-source projects and community initiatives, enhancing and sharing knowledge within the tech community.

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Challenging the status quo

Pushing boundariest to become the benchmark in mobile companion apps.

EnviX Connect:
Cloud infused environmental analysis


Where device manufacturer app support falls short, EnviX Connect steps in. Offering full cloud integration and sophisticated data export capabilities, all within a seamless design.

My goal:

Nothing less than leading the space of mobile companion apps, while offering my expertise and services to businesses.

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